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Spring Break 2005 , Friday & Saturday, Texas Week!

Updated March 19, 2005

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Saturday, a peaceful day on the beach. I counted a dozen police vehicles in this coordinated effort to disperse the crowd. Include the helicopter and more police officials than disc jockeys on stage . . . they were ready! The party broke up early . . . I guess that was the objective.

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The Greek games are over, the production crews and directors have taken their film back toDSCN0161.JPG Hollywood or New York and will make a slick show out of what looked to me like total chaos. I hope those chosen to participate had a good time. I think that was supposed to be the idea.

They did leaveDSCN0065.JPG quite a mess (above) and I hope they don't expect the tax payers to foot the bill. Well I guess we do that for the college kids, but then they leave a few dollars behind. I don't think that was true for The National Lampoon group

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They are serious about no glass on the beach!


This guy had fun running his jeep up and down the beach and turned out to be our 12th floor neighbor where he found our long halls just perfect for his sport.


Ground Zero


Time to leave . . . or are they just coming?


What is this?