Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Lester, Joe, Denny, Butch and Families

These guys are terrific! (Top left: Lester, Joe, Denny - - -Butch.)

Not only, back in February, did they give Louis and Sandra a big push toward completing their new (remodeled) home . . . They made sure I arrived safely back in Michigan. A bit of a mistake in loading the Royce forced me to travel at 40 mph . . . Max! I was directed to make a slight detour (like fifty miles from the nearest X-way) and spend the night at Denny's home. In the morning, in addition to fixing a flat tire, the crew with the help of Lester's major equipment, repositioned the car so that I could travel at a safer and more normal speed. Thanks, guys!

Denny, Joan and their two children Kelsey and Devin were wonderful hosts. Devin sent his artistic version of me sitting in the car.


Anonymous Tricia Decker said...

Interesting story! Are you in Michigan now?

April 18, 2006  

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