Tuesday, June 13, 2006

About Being Different

I watched this squirrel for a long time and although this is the breeding season, and she(?) was making a lot of noise, she was not attracting any attention.
A few clicks on Google shed some light on the strange blond tail and led me to believe their might be some albino genes in our prolific squirrel family. Knowing they help themselves to our newly planted flowers gives me some consolation that she is at least getting her(?) share of food.

"Albinos have the characteristics of other members of their species, except that their cells are unable to produce melanin, a dark pigment that results in normal coloration in the skin, scales, eyes or hair. A lack of melanin usually causes an animal—or parts of an animal—to appear white or pink, or to have a bleached look.

Inbreeding among small isolated populations, or among closely related individuals, can increase the chances for albinism. Even among humans, albinism rates vary with geographic location."

Monday, June 12, 2006

A New Generation

. . . of Bird Castles, better described as Bird Feeders will hit the market on Saturday, June 17 at the annual Saugatuck Arts and Crafts Show. Please visit my booth!