Friday, December 21, 2007

In Retrospect

My three months in a remote experimental village in East Africa were packed with life changing events. From constructing a coffin for a four year old child to the exuberance of a goat barbecue, a tragic drowning, helping with a business plan, extended travels and visits to heavily impoverished areas are emotions that rarely rest in the middle. I find myself wondering which peak (or valley) I will reach next.

Sister Mary, the Executive Director, is an inspiration to all who come into her presence. She visited the village frequently and is instrumental in keeping alive the vision of Father Angelo D'Agostino, who in 1992 founded the first hospice for HIV positive orphans in Kenya. He directed the rapid growth throughout the last fifteen years of his life.

Before reading my report I hope you will take a few minutes to read the Christmas letter from our executive director, Sr. Mary Owens. It tells the Nyumbani story and captures the spirit and vision that can come only from her heart.

It is especially fitting that at this Christmas Season I add to her words my Christmas Greeting. Nyumbani has helped me strengthen my Christian commitment. As I observe ordinary people doing the work of Christ I'm more convinced than ever that His earthly mission lives on. My Christmas hope is that you, too, in your small way, will be able to witness and spread the unconditional love that is the foundation of this, and so many other religions.


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