Friday, December 21, 2007

SR Little

It was Sr Little who arranged for my visit to Lea Toto. She lives up to her name in stature only. Her spirit is very large and she does know how to get things done! A supply of medication needed to be delivered and we hitched a ride. She was well known and respected by Lea Toto staff and had the contacts to assure that my visit would be complete and meaningful. She may have had a small hidden agenda as well! After declining a ride back to Nyumbani she opted for a bus and several times asked if I had shopping to do . . . Which I didn't . . . And informing me she did not have money for the bus fare. . . We stopped at a local supermarket. She picked out some food staples, pans and garden supplies, carefully noting just how much money I had. I quickly offered to pay for what ever she needed. We stopped in Karen and she led me on a winding trail to 'The Farm.' After presenting 'my gift' to the two boys tilling the land and the 'caretaker' (not sure of relationships) and we ventured beyond the hut, through a break in the vegetation to her 'paradise.' It was exactly that. She knew every plant and weed by name and looked upon both with tender love. It was a farming lesson I will never forget . . . from the heart with the only objective being to provide food for the children. It didn't cost her a shilling and she gave me a gift . . . what could be better?


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