Friday, December 21, 2007

A Tragedy

Kenya has very little precipitation in September and October. I was told they were in a prolonged draught. Not a healthy condition for a community intent on producing their own food. All the river beds are bone dry. Locals manage to find a bubbling spring and scoop our water for their use. November is the start of the 'short' rainy season and this year the rains came early and heavy. It held promise for a good growing season. It also opened an opportunity for tragedy to hit the village. The water had backed up to a significant depth behind one of the dams, forming a beautiful swimming hole. One of the boys got in trouble another went to his rescue. Both drowned. I assisted with the body recovery. The next week was consumed by funeral preparations as the village sought to deal with its sorrow. Every child had already experienced the death of parents, this was a grim reminder.


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