Friday, December 21, 2007

A Wedding

Each of the roughly 20 homes is staffed by a grandmother (only one grandfather) who may be a blood relative to one or more of the children. They supervise the family, including assigning chores, laundry, planting and caring for the garden and provide a loving, caring home atmosphere. It is working. It was a big deal recently when a grandmother and her new friend were married in a formal church service. Although it followed many of our traditional customs, it took at least three hours to complete. I was disappointed that the traditional kiss was hardly more than a peck on the cheek. However I should not have been surprised. There is practically no public show of affection in the Kenyan culture, even in the larger cities. It also got me to thinking about how these adolescents handled their natural sex instincts. HIV/AIDS is on every ones mind. Abstinence seems to be the only choice. The wedding was fun, with the children dancing and all in a happy mood, the spirit of love and commitment was evident.


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