Spring Break 2005 Updated 3/4/05

I'll be on the beach. Find me (the grey hair is a dead give-away) and then look for your photo Here DSCN0025The Stage Is Set - -The Playing Field Is Level! LetDSCN0024 the Games Begin!

Tomorrow (Sat.) is tune up day. The Coke stage will be in full action Sunday and then every day from 11:00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m.

The quiet card game will be be just a pleasant memory as most winter Texans head North
DSCN0061Fred, Dad Feet and Sandy Feet helped create the "Winter Texans Rule" sandcastle. Our attention has shifted. DSCN0003.JPG

The Stage Under construction

DSCN0012.JPGRich (center) talks straegy with the set-up crew

DSCN0005.JPGThese folks from Michigan have had a beautiful week. Next week is predicted to be even better
The U.S. Army climbing tower is ready to challenge DSCN0028
DSCN0027What is this?

Not much action from this Bird's eye view


Tranquilty reigns at the beautiful Raddisson Hotel.

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