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Spring Break 2005 , Tuesday & Wednesday, Texas Week!

Updated March 16, 2005

Where Saugatuck, MI
Connects With South Padre Island, TXDSCN0084.JPGWe have neighbors. Well we have had some all winter but these folks seem to be having a lot more funand I knowtheir trash is none of my business but it would lead one to believe they are on a liquid diet!DSCN0048.JPGDSCN0060.JPG

Ground zero Tuesday Mar 15.

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Who ever heard of the Greek Games taking place on stage? Well don't worry, I think the stage was just a background for the numerous cameras set up to record the event.

Most of the recorded action took place in the sand in front of the stage surrounded by fifty or so spectators constantly encouraged to yell louder and drink more. We'll have to wait for the finished production to see what really happened in the pits . . . and survived the re-takes and cuts.

DSCN0070.JPGThis was not a spectator event and in my opinion exploited the kids "scouted" to participate. This female particpant in the Greco-Roman wresteling event required medical attention.DSCN0068.JPG

A breath of fresh air occured nearby as Lee Dungarees provided an interesting booth and activity that consisted of two super large rubber bands which participants puleed to the maximum to reach the target. They were having fun and enjoyed plenty of freebies! DSCN0067.JPG

Some people say it happens every year . . . and my six years of observing the Radisson Beach would confirm that.DSCN0079.JPG

It's almost as if the arena has been staked out and spectators gathered to witness the event

Brawl or small disturbance? was the question raised in today's Valley Morning Star. The answer lies in the eyes of the beholder. I had a unique view from the 12th floor and with powerful binoculars was able to view the incident from beginning to end.

Around 4:30 P.M. I remember being impressed with the Sand sculpture of Jesus created by Randy VanderWater and his volunteer helpers. It remained intact and respected throughout the heavy drinking period. Around 5:00 p.m. I heard an "explosion" and the disappearance of the top one-third of the sculpture. This was followed by several individuals racing up and down the sculpture and reducing it to the original pile of sand I had noted earlier in the day. Tempers flared, objects were thrown and fist fights occured.

A college banner was planted on the top which resulted in a very serious "king of the mountain" confrontation. Eventually it was removed and replaced by a well constructed crucifix. This further angered the "other side" and the "disturbance" accelerated and flowed back and forth accross the beach.

Frisbys and footballs were still being tossed, the volleyball and basketball games continued uninterrupted. . . in other words for most the wind up of a beautiful summer day was just beginning and kids chasing each other was a minor distraction.

DSCN0082.JPGThe emergency vehicles in front of the hotel told a different story, one that will have a profound impact on those taken to the hospital as well as their friends and eventually (I think) their families.

DSCN0062.JPGIn my opinion the police did the right thing. They stayed on the perimeter and watched . . not unattached, but knowing full well that their active participation would only incite more unrully behavior.

I hold to my view that the vast majority of spring breakers are responsible, young adults. Alcohol is a factor for some but their actions should not reflect on those that do drink responsibly.

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The eternal flame arrives . . . In the form of a well demonstrated drinking machine!