South Padre Island, TEXAS
Spring Break 2005________ Holy Week 2005

Updated March 26, 2005

Where Saugatuck, MI
Connects With South Padre Island, TX

An unusual week, they tell me.DSCN0353.JPG It doesn't happen often that Samana Santa (Holy Week) falls in March during spring break. DSCN0362.JPGAt first it seemed strange to find two cultures sharing the same beach. Definitely the Mexican tourists came as families while the spring breakers were easy to pick out. But it was the sun, surf and sand that brought them together. Each found their own way to enjoy the Island . . . and each other.

Birds eye view, March 23. The Coke stage was removed, The Golden Knights parachute team made their final appearance and the U.S. Army climbing tower was decommissioned


Parking is at a premium and the bridge backed up almost to Port Isabel

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Ground zero - - Radisson beach looking East


Ground zero - - Radisson Beach looking West


Bird's eye view Friday, March 25.
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