South Padre Island
Spring Break 2005
Sunday, Texas Week!

updated March 13, 2005

Where Saugatuck, Mi connects with South Padre Island, TX
These folks DSCN0026.JPGfrom Nashville left yesterday, but they will be able to keep track of some of the Texas week activity. On the 12th floor of that tall building behind them is a video camera ( focused on this very spot. Check it out. Get your kids on the cell phone and have them wave to you!
DSCN0010.JPGThis guy was completely buried and had his refreshment administered by straw. He was sent into action when someone inadvertantly stepped on him> *Action Mar 9, 10 Here
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enforcement.JPGEnforcement is present in many ways . . stay tuned
ground zero.JPG
Ground Zero March 12
National Lampoon Stage Under construction
DSCN0009.JPGDSCN0014.JPGBeer cans are in heavy demand. Almost as fast as they are put down they are picked up. Apparently aluminum is in demand
DSCN0001_1Birdseye View March 10 DSCN0002.JPG
Birdseye view March 11
Birdseye View Mar 12
Birdseye View Mar 12
Sunse March 11
DSCN0009On Stage Grond Zero
Grond Zero
The Coke guys ready for work
The Coke guys ready for work

Don't even think of doing it!

The gentlemen of Valpariso meet the ladies of Villanova
The gentlemen of Valpariso meet the ladies of Villanova
game goes ons.JPGDSCN0005
And the game continued!
Free Movement
Mike at the D'Pizza place piano
Mike at the D'Pizza place piano